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  • Hanxin Jinke Group

    Hanxin Jinke Group is a domestically leading, comprehensive mobile internet financing service group, controlling shares and participating shares of several mobile internet financing companies, including Shanghai Hanxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Handi Data Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hexun Auto Finance Asset Management Co., Ltd.

    The group's business has covered payment, settlement, third-party account trusteeship, intelligent terminal R&D, 020 merchant marketing, money management, personal credit (including consumption loan, mobile instant loan, second-hand vehicle mortgage loan etc.), supply chain financing, merchant loan (merchant current loans, T+0), big data analysis, credit investigation and other internet financing fields. The goal of Hanxin Jinke Group is a leading group of domestic internet financing field, joining hands with the partners for jointly providing the customers and consumers in the different industries with comprehensive overall financing service solutions.