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Payment platform system

Product description

Hanxin Integrated Payment and Clearing Settlement System is a comprehensive payment and clearing settlement system developed for UnionPay, banks and third-party payment companies. It uses various advanced Internet technologies and concepts and has fast, flexible, efficient and high online speed. Concurrent, stable and easy to maintain, it is suitable for various payment scenarios and can easily meet the complex settlement requirements of major financial institutions.

Product advantages

  • Banks can take advantage of this platform to provide platform service functions, significantly improve the bank's deposit and loan income, the number of users and data scale, increase the access and management methods for customers and businesses, and facilitate the banks to carry out related business and supervision.

  • Since 2010, our company has implemented the service functions of this platform with a number of banks and UnionPay branches. Our technical service capabilities and business promotion capabilities are obvious to all. The system can complete the construction and technical operation and maintenance in a short period of time. After the completion of the system construction, it has served more than 80 major payment companies in China. After years of accumulation in the financial payment service industry, we have mature business plans and implementation cases in terms of both the mainstream and potential business forms and business models. After the completion of the platform construction, it is highly expandable combined with the bank's other cooperative business.

Product cases

1. The system has cooperated with the Xiamen Branch of Ping An Bank so far, with daily transactions of more than RMB 10 billion and more than 1 million transactions.
2. Through cooperating with Minsheng Bank Hefei Branch the platform has accumulated a payment scale of more than RMB 100 billion.
3. The system has served many UnionPay branches including Guizhou UnionPay, Beijing UnionPay, Hebei UnionPay, Qingdao UnionPay, Xiamen UnionPay, Anhui UnionPay, Shenzhen UnionPay etc.