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Big data and risk control system

Product description

With top domestic data mining and data analysis experts, Hanxin Technology provides one-stop integrated solutions, including data resources and services Data query, data authentication, platform process optimization), risk control management (anti-fraud investigation program, big data risk control model, user credit score and comprehensive evaluation), system platform development (consumer finance, cash loan), to small and medium-sized banks, consumer finance companies, small loan guarantee companies, P2P and other pan-financial institutions based on data and technology, providing. At present, it has provided big data technical support services for more than a thousand companies.

Product advantages

  • The advantages of Hanxin Technology in big data risk control are reflected in: Data analysis capability: Externally connect various types of data sources that are strongly associated with credit, and obtain customer-related data in real-time under the circumstance of customer authorization for verification, and provide customer images; Guide the cooperation organization to accurately position the target audience. Data team members come from well-known data analysis organizations, with strong professional background and deep knowledge of data analysis and mining.

  • Risk control capability: To develop professional anti-fraud programs, develop big data risk control models, and provide manual intervention services such as electric nuclear according to the risk control requirements of the cooperative institutions, All of the members of the risk control team are senior practitioners in the credit industry who have served well-known credit institutions and have extensive experience in risk management and control.

Product Case

Previously, Hanxin Technology cooperated with a well-known Internet finance company to design an online risk control anti-fraud model for its online credit business. By combining its own high-quality data resources with a professional risk model system and leading anti-fraud technology system, it has accurately and effectively cracked down on fraudulent customers, with the accumulated reaching billions of RMB after the launch of the products and the non-performing rate of less than 2%, and its customer base covering major cities and regions in the country.