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Account development system

Product description

The wallet account management platform is a comprehensive account service management platform that achieves functions such as payment, account transfer, fund management, etc. for the platform and its participants by relying on the account and channel of the payment company in terms of “payment + account” solution for enterprises with user recharge, cash withdrawal, transfer, credit, red envelope, etc. By providing flexible APIs and SDKs, simple and quick development access is achieved, and the relevant wallet account functions are integrated in the customer's products at the lowest development cost.

Product advantages

  • E-wallet has significant advantages that focus on two points. Firstly, with efficient and low-cost advantages, customers can build a mature and compliant wallet account system without additional development, and integrate core functions such as recharge, cash withdrawal, consumption, and transfer in customer products. A powerful management platform is provided.

  • Secondly, the customers are allowed to efficiently manage all users' wallet accounts, analyze and manage the accounts generated by different businesses, and obtain multi-dimensional data reports.

Product Case

The universal wallet developed by Hanxin Jinke and the banks can cover various application scenarios. The membership e-wallet is a convenient e-wallet of achieving multiple service functions of all malls and stores, and integrating recharging, online consumption, online credit, red-packet coupon, cash withdrawal, offline payment and purchase and money management as one. The combination of virtual credit card and UnionPay cloud flash payment also greatly improves the convenience and security of consumer use. The application of prepaid cards in the tourism industry covers the entire tourism scene, from booking to various consumption, which greatly promotes the prosperity of the tourism industry.