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Company introduction

Introduction of core enterprises

  • Shanghai Hanxin Information Technology Co., Ltd

    Shanghai Hanxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanxin Information”) is a service provider in mobile payment and Internet data analysis cloud financial service platform, and China MobilePay designated mobile payment professional service organization. Hanxin Information is the mainly supported enterprise of the SME Development Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghai high-tech enterprise and technology “little giant” enterprise. Hanxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Currently, it has 200 employees with 98% technicians.

    It started with the design of third-party payment product and system. It distinguishes with the traditional software design company on that Hanxin Information makes the system into product to cooperate in the way of getting dividend by data instead selling it. In this way, company's revenue and third-party payment companies are firmly tied together to achieve long tail effect and accelerate the system's online time, so that investment of third-party payment companies and the uncertainty of system development will be decreased. Currently, Hanxin Information has obtained Series B financing for about RMB 100 million.

    It has strong research and development capabilities for payment products. In past 3 years, it has obtained 3 national invention patents and 6 software copyright certificates. ByPay, the mobile payment and mobile commerce platform developed by the company, has been approved by China UnionPay and other authoritative organizations. A number of products have been certified by China Bank Card Test Center. It officially became a "" little giant" "enterprise in 2016.

    The key customers include:

    Various financial institutions and non-financial institutions: China Unionpay, major banks, China UMS, CHINAPAY, Allinpay, ChinaPnR, Yeepay, Lacarra, CNEPAY, China Life Insurance, Ping An Insurance and Pacific Insurance, etc.;

    Internet companies: JD, Baidu, Home Inn, eLong, Dianping, Qihoo 360, Lashou, Sohu, YY, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Gewara, Spring Airlines, and other thousands of Internet companies.

  • Shanghai Handy Data Service Co., Ltd.

    Handy Data devote itself to be the provider of Chinese leading Internet finance big data credit, risk control, credit risk control, post-loan management services and system development, and cooperate with commercial banks, consumer finance companies, small loan guarantee companies, P2P and other institutions related with finance to provide customers with a one-stop overall credit solution.

    Currently, the products mainly include data products, data-based risk control products and credit products:

    The data products are mainly: anti-fraud, identity verification, bank card authentication, blacklist screening, Multi loan screening, e-commerce consumption score and operator data; the main data sources are: Ministry of Public Security Identity Verification Center, UnionPay, Guozhengtong, Qianhai Zhengxin, Ant Financial, Tongdun, JD, Tencent, etc.

    The risk control products can obtain various customer-related data, verify in time and provide customer image through the external data source with strong association towards credit; and guide the cooperative to locate the target customer group accurately. Meanwhile, according to risk control requirements of cooperative institutions, professional anti-fraud programs can be formed to develop a big data risk control model. In terms of risk control, we obtain strong anti-fraud risk technology, including sensor anti-fraud technology, professional Black Market tools, hardware equipment anti-fraud technology, JS behavior analysis, risk concentration, social relationship identification, mobile app risk analysis, etc..

    Credit system product is a set of credit products for mortgage loans, consumer installments, credit loans and so on. By adopting modern mainstream structure such as microservices, the system is highly reliable, flexible, configurable, easy to expand, and separated from Client to Server, adapting to different scenarios, providing standardized API, security gateway, withholding and lending, risk control strategy configuration, approval of incoming parts, credit management and monitoring and post-loan management and other core functions. Through resource integration and technology integration, we can build a win-win symbiotic financial eco-system composed of funding institutions, risk guarantee institutions, financial licensees, loan agencies, mutual funds institutions, Internet companies, and loan users. Meanwhile, we can realize the docking and optimization of funds and channels, business model compliance, business innovation, accurate marketing, data realization, risk control, and scenario expansion; credit system products can be highly customized, including business processes, input elements, product amount, period, rate, interest-bearing method, report, and the access method.

Introduction of investment company

  • Shanghai Hanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Hanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a financial technology company with account system as its core. It focuses on providing account and membership systems, consumer credit information, big data risk control and payment settlement and other integrated financial services and internet finance infrastructure for traditional industries, new financial institutions, small and micro enterprises and individuals.

    The current main business of Hanhui Technology includes:

    Constructing a comprehensive electronic account to achieve online multi-platform barrier-free transactions and open up online consumption channels; Providing comprehensive financial supermarket services, and supporting balance and money management and red-packet integrals Jointly building a credit platform to help solve financial problems and build a risk control model and collection system; Creating a low-rate payment channel to help customers quickly access the payment channel.

    Striving for become an industry-leading provider of industry financial services solutions and Internet finance infrastructure with a full range of competitive advantages.

  • Shanghai Songzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Songzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the financial and insurance industry. Since 2010, we have successfully provided software products and solutions services to a number of financial and insurance companies. It has its registered capital of RMB 10 million, and more than 300 existing technical staff.

    Through years of accumulated experience in the insurance industry, Songzhi Technology has established a product center, continuously innovating according to the needs of the insurance market, researching and developing nearly 20 systems, and successfully applying for computer software copyrights approved by the National Copyright Administration.

    The mobile insurance integration platform, including mobile insurance, mobile exhibition industry, and mobile proposal system, has been used by many financial life insurance companies in East China, and has become the first choice for mobile industry suppliers in the insurance industry in East China.

  • Shanghai Qianlong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Qianlong Information Technology Co., Ltd. originated in the North Bund of Shanghai, the international financial center in 2012. It is a technology company dedicated to promoting mobile and artificial intelligence in the consumer and financial industries.

    Based on artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing and mobile internet, through a service system with multi-scenario online marketing customer, big data intelligent credit risk control, and full-process IT system solutions as core, we can help our customers to improve our operating efficiency, thus reducing the costs for obtaining customers. The Company is a member of the first batch of China Internet Finance Association, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, and has obtained ISO27001 international information security management system certification and Shanghai “double soft” certification.

    More than 90% of the Company's employees have bachelor degree or above, and the core team consists of bank experts and IT elites. The founders are two major credit centers of China Merchants Bank and Ping An Bank, dedicated to innovation and risk control of personal consumer credit; The co-founder is a pioneer in the innovation of social platforms for domestic enterprises. He has created the “woaika” credit card stewardship mobile platform. Senior executives related to risk control, products and strategy and other areas are from well-known big banks at home and abroad, and have rich experience in microfinance or credit card fields; The Chief Product Officer is a Ph.D. in Computer Graphics with 5 patents who was selected as a “Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent”.

    As one of brands under Qianlong Information Technology, Shoujidai is based on mobile Internet, cloud computing and its own big data risk control system to create a pure online 24-hour financial convenience service for C-client customers. The Company provides online payday cash loans as an entry point to provide loans to young people such as white-collar workers and blue-collar workers who are not covered by traditional markets. Meanwhile, the Company is fully committed to the online and offline consumption scenarios, providing consumer financial solutions support for partners in the medical, beauty, education, automotive and housing sectors. Mobile banking has become a trusted financial brand for the younger generation.

  • Shanghai Hexun Auto Finance Asset Management Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Hexun Auto Finance Asset Management Co., Ltd. provides customers with the management services of the entire process of auto finance loans. Hexun Auto Finance continues to innovate by relying on its four major advantages and continuously develops the market. 1 Direct-operation team arranges direct sales outlets in second, third and fourth-tier cities to create the most professional and efficient auto finance team. 2. Financial product. Provide diversified automotive financial products to fully meet the multiple needs of customers. 3. Risk control system. Adapt to the risk control management of different products, output professional risk control model, and reduce management and operation risks. 4. Full service. Provide financial institutions and customers with full-process management services for auto finance life cycle.

    By the end of June 2017, Hexun Auto had owned more than 1,000 auto finance service personnel, covering more than 100 cities and regions across the country, while setting up direct operation service outlets, and providing auto consumer loan customers with convenient financial advisory services and professional auto value-added services across all fields by advanced big data and artificial intelligence means. It covers 20 provinces, 100 cities and 1000 personnel across the country.

  • Beijing Ainong Yizhan Technology Service Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Ainong Yizhan Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with its registered capital of RMB 102 million. It is headquartered in Beijing.

    On December 22, 2011, the Company obtained the pre-paid card issuance and acceptance (Beijing, Shanghai) business license and Internet payment license (National) issued by the People's Bank of China. In September 2013, the Company was one of the first batch of obtaining cross-border e-commerce foreign exchange payment business pilot qualifications issued by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

    As one of Ainong’s outstanding enterprises benefiting people and a pioneer for convenient financial services, the Company is valued and recognized by government departments at all levels and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Comrade Wang Qishan specially visited the site of our company's Ainong Yizhan.

    The Company's main business:

    1. Internet payment: The Company's Internet payment platform provides payment products such as gateway payment, fast payment, collection and payment, and seamlessly connects with major banks in the country characterized by fast posting to an account, low rate and user cost savings. Meanwhile, the Company provides personalized and specialized solutions for customers in different industries.

    2. Cross-border payment: The Company can be engaged in cross-border payment services in goods trade, study abroad education, airline tickets, hotel accommodation, international transportation, travel services, software services, international conferences, international exhibitions, etc. On September 29, 2013, the Company successfully completed the nation's first foreign exchange payment business for cross-border e-commerce goods. At present, the Company's business covers the United States, Russia, Canada and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions.

    3. Prepaid card (intelligent card): The Company has established a service network covering large department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, leisure, travel ticketing, car services, and Beijing suburb travelling and other merchants. In addition, card-holding users can also pay for public utilities such as communication, electricity, gas, and water fees.

    The Company pays attention to the introduction and cultivation of excellent talents, and has established professional and efficient technology, products, compliance, risk control, business and customer service teams. It has made outstanding achievements in the fields of Internet payment, cross-border payment, prepaid card issuance and acceptance. With a deep understanding of Internet finance, international trade and e-commerce, as well as a wealth of experience in the third-party payment industry, our team is young, creative and full of energy.

  • Qianxian Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Qianxian Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous domestic Internet finance practitioners. The company has professional industry knowledge, experienced core team, innovative business model and good partners. Since its establishment, it has continued to innovate new models of Internet finance solutions. The Company's business scope covers big data credit, risk control, internet finance, consumer finance, and anti-fraud etc. The Company continues to expand its business scope with open operations, and innovates the cooperation model of “Scenario Finance + Joint Operation”, deepens the contact and trust of partners, and joins hands with its operators to achieve win-win results.

  • Shanghai Hanhui Finance Leasing Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Hanjiang Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company engaged in financial leasing business. As a new force in China's rapid development of the financial leasing industry, HanJiang Leasing establishes a complete corporate governance structure and internal management mechanism by adhering to business philosophy of “responsibility, innovation, integrity and win-win” and; With its rich professional experience and leading management philosophy, it provides rapid financing through diversified channels and continuously optimizes the service system to help partners enhance their market competitiveness. The Company will continue to expand the scope of financial leasing business, actively innovate business models, and continuously enhance the Company's core competitiveness, so as to achieve the common growth of the Company and its customers and employees, and create a financial leasing enterprise with excellent quality and stable development.