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Credit system

Product description

Hanxin Technology's credit system is a set of credit products suitable for virtual credit cards, mortgage loans, consumer installments, credit loans etc. By using modern mainstream architecture such as micro-services, the system is highly reliable, highly flexible, configurable, easy to be expanded, separated from front and rear ends, suitable to different scenarios, integrating Dadao Yingyan and Dadao Zhiku, providing standardized API, security gateway, withholding and lending, A platform for core functions such as risk control strategy configuration, incoming approval, loan management and monitoring, and post-loan management.

Product advantages

  • With strong technical advantages in the credit system, based on the micro-service architecture, Hanxin Technology can provide different standardized APIs, security gateways, withholding and lending, approval systems and other core modules and daily operation and maintenance after the system is launched. Technical development team members have excellent technical skills and master various financial system development techniques.

  • The credit system we provide is highly customizable and can flexibly respond to various scenarios, which are mainly reflected on that the following business processes can be customized: The credit granting, signing, review and approval, cash withdrawal, and post-loan collection and other business processes for material submission are customized according to various business models (online, offline, and hybrid modes). The elements of material submission can be customized: Suitable for different business scenarios (consumer finance, cash loans, mortgage loans, etc.);

  • The product amount, period, rate, and interest accrual method can be customized and personalized: Suitable for configuring personalized products for different target groups and market segments; Statements can be customized: To meet the business and fund analysis and early warning etc. of the links such as market promotion, operation statistics, post-loan collection, financial reconciliation, liquidation and settlement, profit distribution; Accessing ways can be customized: App, H5, SDK, API, QR code etc.

Product cases

At present, an online credit system designed and developed by Hanxin Technology for a well-known stockholding system bank achieves real-time material submission, real-time examination and approval, real-time loan on the whole online process, and real-time monitoring of the whole business process. The online credit risk control model provided by Hanxin Technology is safe, reliable with low reject ratio after having been subject to the loan verification for billions of models.